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Pedicure Machine MF-008



Function introduction

1. The leg massager, which is unique in the world and can be concealed in the last section, saves space and has a fashionable and beautiful appearance.
2. Turn the upper section 90 degrees to massage the knee, and turn it 180 degrees to massage the thigh, forming an all-round synchronous massage from the foot, calf to knee and thigh.
3. Special roller massage for feet, heart and heel can locate the highest point of the roller to realize forward and backward scraping, fast scraping and slow scraping.
4. Special toe shaking device can deeply stimulate the feet and legs.
5. Fully wrapped air bag massage for feet and legs.
6. Knee joint and thigh carbon fiber heating can accelerate blood circulation and double the efficacy of massage.
7. Four automatic programs and five manual programs.
8. 15-minute automatic timing.
9. Dual touch screen control panel, simple and luxurious.
10. Removable cloth sleeve design, easy to clean.

Key Word:

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